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I think I mentioned before, I love to add an unexpected element to an outfit and to make surprising contrasts. This shot was taken right at the end of London Fashion Week, four packed days and nights of fashion, new trends and lots of amazing street style. I’ve always been a fan of wearing trainers with skirts and formal suits to challenge the potentially formality, so here I chose my new white nike air max 97s and I love this look now more than ever – the chunkier the better as well. I absolutely couldn’t resist this amazing lace textured full skirt, all my childhood dreams come true in one perfect skirt!

Instead of the obvious choice of a neat fitted top, I went for this fab oversized hoodie in one of my favourite colours, flame red/orange.



And then for even more texture and drama, my new favourite honey bear faux fur jacket from h&m which I have not let go of since I got it. I picked up the carpet bag on my travels in Morocco, next best thing to bringing the entire rug shop back with me! It is harder and harder to find really original one-off pieces so I was thrilled to be able to wear this. To top it all off, I had to add a pair of sunnies, I can’t tell you how much better I feel in them, especially after such a long weekend for London Fashion Week!






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