Colour poppin

This is one of my absolute favorite outfits as it is floaty and oversized, super comfy and I just LOVE the mix of colors, at first I thought I could never pair these two together but I kind of like the clashing colors and think they work well together. The exact pink, green and orange are also in the skirt pattern if you look closely at it. I paired this with my white nike 97’s as it gives this outfit more of a street, casual look. If it was paired with heels the whole vibe of the outfit would be completely different. I’m a total convert to being hands free and not having a bag to carry around so this prada bumbag ( a fave 30th birthday present) is just an absolute winner for me and what do you think of my 3D esque white sunnies- are you lovers or hates of these?! they get very mixed opinions so let me know your thoughts…


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